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In 11 editions of this text, I believe this is the best editing I have seen. It was indeed a pleasure working with you, and your expertise and efficiency made my work so much easier and certainly improved the quality of the book.

—Dr. Vern Jones, author
Comprehensive Classroom Management:
Creating Communities of Support and Solving Problems

Andrea is more than just a good editor. She’s truly gifted. She has a wonderful eye for details, and she can turn awkward sentences into clear, polished prose. Andrea has a rare combination: a dedication to her craft, a wide range of editorial experience, and an ability to meet tough deadlines.

—William Greenleaf
Greenleaf Literary Services
william@wgreenleaf.com, www.greenleafliteraryservices.com

GodslandAndrea and I have worked on twelve novels together. She is an integral and irreplaceable part of my writing process. Andrea is both editor and chief historian of the Godsland fantasy series, which has garnered millions of downloads and thousands of five-star ratings. Her attention to detail helps maintain continuity and plot integrity. The right editor will make your story and your writing better, and Andrea Howe is the right editor for me. In the Godsland fantasy series, you can share the journey Andrea and I have taken together over the past decade.

—Brian Rathbone, author
The World of Godsland series

I have hired Andrea as a copy editor. . . . She has helped make a confusing book line a lot less confusing with her self-driven creation of word lists and character descriptions (I often send those on to the proofreaders) and other documents; she is on time (a great thing, as we can take up any slack given to us, ever!) and she is very expert at editing. She edits consistently and well. The changes Andrea makes do not change the way the story flows; she fixes errors, rather than rewriting the book. . . . I will continue to hire Andrea to do copy editing on my books.

—Cortney Marabetta, editor
Wizards of the Coast

Andrea came to speak with our novel writers group about grammar, thoroughly answering every question we posed to her. She was all things charming, helpful, patient and was well versed with all the different styles of grammar. If you need help with writing style and grammar, I would recommend her highly.

—Mariann Krizsan, organizer
North Seattle Writers Meetup

No split infinitives or dangling participles allowed! Andrea did an excellent job of making it appear that my co-author and I are great writers. She helped to keep the manuscript “friendly” as she corrected the prose, and there were several instances in which she discovered factual errors that we as authors should never have written into the document. The publisher required a very short time schedule to completing the edited manuscript, and Andrea certainly did her part while keeping me in line with the time requirements. Thanks, Andrea, for all of your assistance.

—Jack D. Ninemeier, coauthor
Purchasing: A Guide for Hospitality Professionals

My agent had my novel edited by one of their editors. However, after reading the completed novel, I didn’t like the edit. I mulled over my options and finally sent my novel to Blue Falcon Editing. Andrea was fabulous! For the first time since writing it, my novel now reads as it should, how I envisioned it. I can’t say enough positive things about Andrea’s editing skills and her exceptional communications with the author. It was an excellent experience and well worth the money. In fact, the end product (my edited novel) was worth twice the money. I can unequivocally recommend that if you have any type of written material that needs quality editing, then Blue Falcon Editing is for you. I know when I finish my new novel, it’s going straight to Andrea for editing, no matter what my agent says. A good editor is worth their weight in gold to an author, and that’s exactly what I’m saying about Blue Falcon Editing. For me, there is no other option for editing. I wouldn’t even consider it.

—John Miller, author
Dark Clouds of Sorrow

It has been a great pleasure to work with Andrea. She always turns everything around for us quickly. She is very thorough and enthusiastic about her work for us, and Andrea always goes out of her way to make our work look great!! Her communication skills are great, and I always feel at ease when things are returned—I know there is no stone unturned and that everything is in order. Thanks, Andrea!!

—Judy Doherty, President and Publisher
Food and Health Communications, Inc.
judydoherty@foodandhealth.com, www.foodandhealth.com

I had total confidence in sending my book to the publisher after Andrea made some excellent suggestions and did a final proofing. And she did the whole effort in such a short time and with such clear focus and dedication; I was very impressed. All of our most important work will go to Andrea and Blue Falcon Editing before it goes to our clients and the media. Much thanks, Andrea!

—John Spencer, author
Space Tourism: Do You Want to Go?

The Fifth DawnMany thanks to . . . Andrea Howe, the mightiest error-hunter in the Tangle, who pointed out someone can’t climb out of the hole and still be at the bottom of the hole.

—excerpt from Acknowledgments of The Fifth Dawn
by Cory Herndon

I am absolutely thrilled with the work Andrea did as copy editor for my new book The Naked Portfolio Manager coming in April. Andrea has extraordinary attention to detail. She knows exactly what needs to be done to proof your book. I was truly amazed at some of the things she found. If you want to publish a great book, your copy editor must be Andrea Howe.

—Robert J. Fischer, CFP, author
The Naked Portfolio Manager

Andrea is currently assisting me with editing a large manual about California taxes. She has an excellent eye for even the most minute grammatical issue and does thorough research to support her edits. Her work is timely and she maintains excellent communication so I always know where she is on my particular job. And as a long-time friend, I know how committed she is to her work and its perfection. I would recommend her for any type of job.

—Nathan Orme, Managing Editor
Spidell Publishing

We can hardly say enough good things about Andrea and her Blue Falcon Editing. We have had copy editing done by moonlighting teachers, English majors, and others; but we didn’t know what good copy editing was until we got with Andrea. She knows the style manuals and has worked for us on footnotes, bibliographies, and recipes, as well as plain text. She has eyes like a falcon; nothing gets past her. She can spot an extra space in a justified line. She is quick, easy to work with, and willing to do as much or as little as we want done. We can’t recommend her strongly enough.

—Ned and Sue Schrems, Owners
Horse Creek Publications

The Quest for ExcaliburI met Andrea Howe through my publisher, 1st Books Library, now known as AuthorHouse. I have been writing for ten years, and I had never used an editor’s service to polish up my work. My first book, The Quest for Excalibur, was published in 1999 but did not fare very well because of the constant problems with grammar. After reviewing my own problems as a writer, I sought Andrea’s assistance to make my work better than it was. We have victory because my book is a wonderful work of art that I am now very proud of. Andrea is the type of editor who is honest and up front with her clients—very professional. She took my manuscript and added and subtracted where it was needed. Andrea also critiqued my work and showed me how the story could look if I would just open my mind to a different way of thinking. It worked, and it was brilliant. The reviewers think so, too, as we are getting wonderful reviews from people such as Angie Hulme from London to Monica Harris, Coordinator of Acting Bug online. I have sent this story to some major newspapers, and I hope they will receive us well. What I do want to say is that I have found a partner in my work. Andrea and I are talking about editing my second book, Excalibur and the Holy Grail, this summer. I can’t wait to see what she is going to do with that manuscript. Andrea, all I can say is: Thank you with all my heart. I value your opinions and assistance in bringing my work to its full potential. This is a partnership I will treasure forever.

—Angelica Harris, author
The Quest for Excalibur and Excalibur and the Holy Grail

Working with Andrea Howe is a pure pleasure. While she turns documents around in a very timely manner, her greatest ability is to improve a manuscript without changing the voice of the author. As any author knows, authors tend to fall in love with their written word, yet Andrea has the ability to make it even better and have the author appreciate and welcome the changes—no small task. She is a true master at the art of editing.

—Ted Garrison, author
Strategic Planning for Contractors and the newsletters
The Garrison Report and The Homebuilders’ Success Report

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