Language Tips of the Day (version 2)

All writers could use a little insight to make their work better. This is a searchable PDF of more than 150 Language Tips, complete with index.

Character Sheet

Use this to keep track of your characters. If you give us completed Blue Falcon Editing character sheets with your manuscript, it will save us time and save you money on your editing job.

Name List

Use this to keep track of minor characters. You’ll save paper, time, and trees.

Word List

Use this to keep track of words and names you use in your manuscript. If you give us a completed Blue Falcon Editing word list along with character sheets, it will save us time and save you money on your editing job.

Custom Dictionary Instructions

You can use custom dictionaries in Microsoft Word to make sure your spelling is consistent throughout. This PDF gives you instructions on how to make custom dictionaries.

Exclude Dictionary Instructions

You should use the exclude dictionary in Microsoft Word to make Word mark certain acceptable words as misspelled. This will keep you from using two different accepted spellings for the same word (such as gray and grey).

My Exclude Dictionary

Learn from my experience. You may use this as a jumping-off point for your own exclude dictionary.

If you have any questions about how to use these resources, don’t hesitate to contact me.SB Charities logo

Blue Falcon Editing supports Seattle Browncoats Charities. If you have the desire to pay for these fabulous resources, please make a donation to SB Charities and note Blue Falcon Editing in the special instructions.

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