Me, Myself, and I

Let’s talk about me, myself, and I. No, I’m not being narcissistic. This is a huge problem that comes across my desk all the time.

I is a subject, which means it acts. (“I talk to him.”) Me is an object, which means things act on it. (“He talks to me.”) Myself is a reflexive object. The reflexive part indicates that an action is reflecting back onto it from itself. The only thing that can act on myself is I. (“I talk to myself.”)

These rules apply no matter how many nouns are in the group with me, myself, or I. The easiest way to determine what word should be used in those cases is to remove everything else from the sentence. For example, in “John and I talk to you,” you would think, “I talk to you.” You would never say, “Me talk to you,” so you shouldn’t say, “John and me talk to you.” Look at “He talks to John and me.” You wouldn’t say, “He talks to I,” so you shouldn’t say, “He talks to John and I.” “Questions should be directed to John and me.” Questions can’t be directed to myself because there’s no reflecting going on, so don’t say, “Questions should be directed to John and myself.”

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