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Andrea Howe

I got my first professional copy editing job while I was still in college and have been working in the industry ever since. Nearly twenty years and more than eight hundred projects later, I still love the work. I love what I do to help authors communicate with their audiences.

I have worked directly with authors, both newbies and veterans; publishers; other editors; graphic designers; and layout artists. It takes a lot of people to put out a quality product, and I’m happy to be part of a team, one that changes with every project.

At least twice a year, you can find me at conventions, attending and sitting on panels and wandering the halls, helping people with their questions about editing and writing. I give advice away for free because I feel it’s part of my job as a reader to help people be better writers before they even get to the stage where they’re hiring an editor.

Editing is a passion for me. When I first started this site, I thought the best way to help people with free advice was to do a blog. I have since discovered that social media is where people are hanging out, and I can reach more people by posting language tips and fun words on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Although you can still see my old blog posts here, please follow the links and connect with me on those social media sites to get more current posts.

If you want to see my current résumé, click here.

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