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Blue Falcon Editing is here to respond to all your editing and proofreading needs in the fantasy genre. Dragons, wizards, knights—if it’s fantasy, I want to help you out. I’m familiar with Chicago and AP styles, and I have no problem adjusting to any house style.

The rates at Blue Falcon Editing are reasonable for the quality of work you will get. Let me bid on your project. I know you won’t be disappointed.

Many writers wonder why they would need an editor, considering the technology of today’s spelling and grammar checkers. To give you an idea of how unhelpful they are, here are a few examples of sentences that Microsoft Word thought were OK:

What Word Liked After Blue Falcon Editing
  • The comment was very condensing, a backhand complement.
  • The comment was very condescending, a backhanded compliment.
  • She was heard by the brightness of the aesthetic room.
  • She was hurt by the brightness of the antiseptic room.
  • It’s just to exiting for wards!
  • It’s just too exciting for words!
  • Here are a couple that Word made even worse. The original of this first example described a ghostly manifestation with, “It want strait threw me.” Word’s grammar checker decided that want should be wants. That makes the now “correct” sentence, “It wants strait threw me.” That makes much more sense, right? Well, the sentence should have read, “It went straight through me.” How about this next one that comes up all the time? Word wants to change “So do I” to “So do me.” Oh my goodness! Oh, yes, that’s much better.

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